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Uppariguda (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R.Dist - 501506, T.S.

The following staff and students are deputed as members in Media cell w.e.f. 18/01/2024


S.No. Name of the Committee Member Actual Designation Designation in the Committee


Dr. K Babu Rao Assoc. Professor


2 Mr. K. Anil Kumar Assistant Professor Chairman
3 Ms. K. Pravalika Assistant Professor Convenor
4 Tallapalli Madhu Student Member
5 Dubbaka Kiran Student Member
6 Mr. Prasad Non –Teaching Staff Member

Functions / Responsibilities:

1. To publish the college newsletter twice a year after collecting the information on all the activities happening in the college.

2. To maintain the records of the activities conducted and submit the same to the IQAC Committee.

3. The Committee also provides internal external media support for the events organized by AIMS like Convocations, Conferences, Seminars, Sports weeks etc.

4. The Media Committee also designs and arranges printing materials to be used in different events at AIMS.